We Texans demand that Ted Cruz resign.

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Ted Cruz needs to resign. He stoked the flames that have led to such divisiveness. He has led to the uncivilized tribal mindset on the right. 

Ted Cruz is amoral. Texans deserve better than someone who is not willing to uphold rule of law. Ted has shown time and time again that he is to be walked all over. On January 6th instead of peacefully transitioning power he decided to willfully obstruct Congress.

John Cornyn our other senior senator didn't even agree to what Cruz our Jr senator did. Ted has taken into our country a new reach in tyranny. He and his minority are trying to subject the majority.

Ted Cruz, is a man of hypocrisy. He demands rulings in favor for his own but demands unjust punishment to those not of his tribe. During this pandemic period he voted against covid bills.

For these reasons he should resign.