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Petition to Mitch McConnell, Charles E. Schumer, Chuck Grassley, John Thune, Richard J. Durbin, Patty Murray, Kamala D. Harris, Bernie Sanders


We the People Petition Senate Leadership to immediately Expel Senator Rafael "Ted" Cruz as well as other Senators who have show time and time again that they do Not believe in Democracy or the Constitution of the United States instead of Being loyal to the Constitution and Principles of U.S. Democracy they are loyal to a wanna be Dictator Tyrant. Everything our founding fathers were against. Ted Cruz has shown time and time again that he does Not Value the Constitution or Democracy for that one of Rafael "Ted" Cruz's Constituents I have watched for years as Ted Cruz has used Lies and Misleading statements to advance his political career. Finally those Lies have come to a head Our Nation has been embarrassed, our Election Officials have been threatened and four people including a Police Officer have died as a result of the actions and rhetoric of Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and over 100 other members of Congress. Ted Cruz said in a statement that he was speaking to give a voice to the people who had doubts about the Election. Doubts that He, Donald Trump and other Republicans helped sow. with No validity what So ever! I now ask that some one speak for us the people who question whether Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Other Not all Republicans. helped instigate a coup and insurrection we deserve to have our voices heard as well. As concerned Citizens we ask for the Senate to Expel Rafael Ted Cruz for his Treasonous actions that threaten the stability and the Democracy of the United States of America. An ask that he be prosecuted under the appropriate laws for sedition! So that it may serve as an example to those who threaten Democracy that all will be held accountable please sign my other related petitionHelp stop misinformed voting

Xavier GARZA
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Petition to West Sacramento City Council

Respect the Process and Open the Applications.

On December 9, 2020 Martha Guerrero was sworn in as West Sacramento's newest Mayor leaving her previous spot on the council vacant and open for an appointment. Norma Alcala, who shares the same goals of increased transparency and civic participation as Martha, was also sworn in. That leaves two remaining city council members, both quite vocal in their support for the previous mayor, who are in opposition to Martha’s desire to take a more inclusive stance and see her seat filled by the application process which has long been the tradition for the city.  Martha, an original supporter of the previous mayor, made no secret of her concerns for the direction of the city feeling that things had reached a tipping point where the infrastructure of the city was becoming less and less a priority. She launched each of her bids for public office citing a need for more attention placed on addressing homelessness, affordable housing options, infrastructure, and making the city safer.  So how can we, as West Sacramentans, support our newly elected mayor? With a current 2:2 split, we need an appointment process that opens up the field to choose someone who supports the vision and ideals we voted for when we elected Martha to lead our city. We need to appoint someone who can place their loyalty to the working class people of the city above politics-someone who cares about improving access to city services and supporting our long-underserved communities. We need a critical thinker who shares our new mayor’s commitment to accessibility, transparency and who will support moving to a city council of single member district representation. At the December 9th city council meeting, there was a push to make a direct appointment of the city council candidate who came in 3rd in a two seat election to fill Martha’s seat instead of opening up the process to the entire city through the application process. This candidate, unlike the other two in the race who placed 4th and 5th, ran on a slate with the previous mayor as did the candidate who placed 1st in the two seat race.  Many feel that a direct appointment of the 3rd place candidate is owed to her supporters. But what is owed to 52% of the electorate who voted for a change in the mayor and by extension a change in the direction of the city? The math of a direct appointment paints a clear picture and one that was rejected by 52% of the electorate.  Please join me and sign this petition to show our city council that what is desired and what is needed, is an open and inclusive process to fill the vacant seat. We cannot have that unless we have an open application process. Politics and personal bias must be put aside to do what is best for the people of West Sacramento. Only then will we be able to appoint someone to the council who shares our values. 

Danny Thirakul
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